Frequently Asked Questions

Soft washing is the most effective way to kill living bacterial microorganisms that are infesting your home’s and/or business’s surfaces. It is more than cleaning. The products and methods we use not only clean stains, but also sanitize, penetrate, and eliminate the root of the issue. This method uses science and technology to address the microorganisms that grow on the exterior of your property. Homeowners can feel better having cleanings done without the damages normally associated with the blowing and blasting of pressure washing.

A soft wash system is an agricultural style sprayer that’s only use is to apply the soft washing solution. The solution does all the cleaning and absolutely no pressure is needed.

Most people get their windows washed once or twice per year, but this could vary based on environmental factors. If you prefer to keep your house looking fresh all year long, then yearly is a good choice.

Most people also get their house washed once per year; if you are concerned about algae spores and bacteria in the air, then getting your siding cleaned yearly is the best option.

Roof soft wash treatment results should last up to 6x longer than if just pressure washed alone. Keep in mind new growth is possible, but never re-growth because we will kill all the algae spores and bacteria that were previously growing. But over time, even with the 100% kill ratio and the buffering against new growth, it will happen. In most cases, and depending on environmental influences and amount of sunlight, you could see new growth in as little as 3 years, or it could be well over 5 years before having to deal with any of this again. Because roofs are so open and accessible to both rain and sun–two environmental factors that cause our formulations to continue cleaning your roof, we warrant them for 5 full years.

House washing in most cases will improve the value of your home. We often clean homes for people who plan on selling their house. By soft washing your home, you improve the curb appeal and the precoreved value. It creates a much better first impression for potential buyers.

Green algae and dirt build up is a sign that the house may not have been properly cared for and could have other hidden problems.

Our soft wash system conserves water, uses biodegradable, nonhazardous solutions, and lasts 4-6x longer than traditional pressure washing.

We always make sure to take the best possible care of your plants and property. We go above and beyond to ensure the proper protection of your plants. Our chemicals, when used properly, will not cause any damage to your property. Our house and roof washing process includes a thorough plant wash that neutralizes the caustic cleaners, fertilizes plants, and adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria repop­ulate the soil. Along with thorough rinsing with clean water before, during, and after the cleaning, Plant Wash is used as a final rinse to make absolutely sure every step has been taken to protect your landscaping.

You do not need to be home in order for us to perform our cleaning services. However, we would love for you to be home so that you can look around the house for a final inspection. If you are not home at the completion of the job, we can simply have you take a look around when you are home to confirm that you are satisfied with our work.

If it is raining the day of service we will still plan on doing the wash as normal. We wash in rain, wind and sun! However, if it is lighting then we will have to postpone the washing until our next available day. We may even postpone for a few hours until the lighting passes.

While we try our best to respect and protect your home and windows. We understand that accidents can happen, and you as the homeowner should be protected. Luckily we’ve never had a claim (knock on wood) but we are fully insured just in case. We’d be happy to provide certificates of liability for personal liability and worker’s compensation upon request.

No. We will move outdoor furniture and items away from our work area and then place them back in their proper place when we are finished. But please prepare for your cleaning appointment by:

  1. Check that all windows and doors are tightly shut and locked

  2. Ensure pets and children are safe inside

  3. Move your vehicles out of the driveway

  4. Remove any fragile items away from your windows

  5. Be sure curtains and blinds are either pulled up, back or removed (interior window cleaning only).

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. This can vary depending on your environment. It might be necessary to clean them more often if you live in an area with frequent heavy rains or snowfall, or if trees are close to your home as their leaves may clog up the gutters.

When cleaning out gutters, it’s important to inspect for any damage such as bent or loose pieces of gutter that need repair. It’s also advisable to check for any blockages such as sticks, leaves, twigs, and other debris which could prevent water from properly draining away from your home and cause further damage down the road. Furthermore, make sure all downspouts are clear so that water is directed away from your property instead of pooling around it where potential flooding can occur.

It’s also recommended that homeowners keep an eye out on their gutters during the times they don’t get professionally cleaned and do regular spot checks when needed by inspecting areas prone to clogging like corners and otherwise hard-to-reach spaces where debris may accumulate quickly. A simple quick inspection every few months should suffice in making sure everything stays well maintained so that large jobs don’t pile up later on down the road!

When it comes to cleaning windows, the time of year makes a difference. In the summer months, you’ll want to use a bit more caution due to the intense sun and warmer temperatures. Sunlight can cause streaks on freshly-cleaned glass that are difficult or impossible to remove without additional effort.

For this reason, many people prefer to clean their windows in the winter months (or during overcast days). The cooler air means less evaporation from chemical cleaners, as well as fewer streaks left behind by water and soap mixtures. Additionally, because there is less direct sunlight in these cooler months, dirt will not dry onto your window surfaces as quickly. This gives you more time for cleaning each pane before it becomes too hard or cumbersome to reach every spot with your tools and supplies.

Furthermore, if you live in an area where the temperature drops low enough for snowfall during wintertime – then your window-washing chores become even easier! The cold temperatures help keep moisture from evaporating off cleaner solutions so you can work faster while having fewer spots of contamination remaining after wiping everything down with cloths or squeegees. Plus—you won’t have any problem reaching those higher elevations since snow should provide easy access without needing ladders or scaffolding! This valuable information was provided by Empire Cleaning!

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