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Pristine Exterior Cleaning is a family owned business, with a commitment to quality, since 2017. Our attention to detail has made us the first and only choice for homes and businesses throughout the Greater Portland area.
We know how difficult it can be to find the right company to work on your home. Outstanding service makes the difference. Our business model revolves around sparing you the headaches often associated with service work. We are a no hassle, easy to work with company and we guarantee your satisfaction. We use proven methods and techniques that achieve remarkable results. And our certified technicians are professional, respectful, and care about your needs.
The owners of Pristine Exterior Cleaning, Tyler Pendleton and Marissa Gianino, both grew up in Maine. They love spending time with their pets, snowboarding, hiking, reading, golfing, and at local eateries! Partners in life and business, they also own our sister company, Pristine House Cleaning, an interior house cleaning service.
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What makes Pristine Exterior Cleaning Different

Here at Pristine Exterior Cleaning, we’re more than just a cleaning company…we strive to make a positive change in our community, helping you save time, relieve stress, and stay healthy. Here are a few things we do differently from others in our industry:

We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit, friendly team that enjoys what we do — and that helps us provide a 5-star service. 

Why Choose Pristine

Increased Curb Appeal

A clean roof is a beautiful roof. With a roof that’s free of dirt and debris, your home’s curb appeal is enhanced, making it easier to sell, rent, and enjoy.

Fungus Removal

From algae to lichen, mold, moss, and other that accumulates on your roof can damage its structure and affect interior building if not properly removed.

A Longer Lasting Roof

By removing fungus and preventing further growth, routine roof cleaning protects the integrity of your roof for years to come.

Lower Your Bills

Excess dirt and gunk on your roof can change the temperature of your home by up to 25 degrees, raising your electric and gas bills substantially.

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